Security guards help in the protection of property, equipment, and people. There are various reasons why people work in security. Examining the advantages and reasons for being a security guard can help you determine whether this career path is a good fit for you.

When entering this field, one of your main concerns can be how much an armed security guard makes. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about an armed American security guard.

What Does An Armed Security Guard Do?

The main job of an armed security guard is to secure an area's safety. In this line of work, your responsibilities include:

  • Responding to odd circumstances
  • Preventing escalation with the appropriate force
  • Managing emergencies
  • Informing your supervisor of any suspicious activities or occurrences

You also need to control access into and out of the secured area. While doing so, you must keep an eye on entrances and exits and patrol the area with a handgun. In this work, you may spend a lot of time walking and standing while also looking at a facility that may be both occupied and unoccupied.

How to Become an Armed Security Guard

An armed security guard has different responsibilities than one who is unarmed. The procedure typically requires more steps and takes longer. Getting experience as an unarmed security guard might be a useful first step. Minimum age of 18 is required for unarmed security personnel.

They must pass a background check and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. They must complete on-the-job training and become registered security guards in their state. Once the training is over, this registration is typically approved.

An individual can acquire the fundamental abilities and experience required for a future armed role through employment responsibilities such as watching security cameras, detaining offenders, managing building access, and notifying police, fire, and ambulance services in emergencies.

Requirements for Armed Security Guards

Some requirements will vary depending on the job, but in general, armed security guards must have the following qualifications:

  • Have high school graduation or GED
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Pass a drug test and background check
  • Have previous security-related employment experience
  • Possess a concealed carry license and/or an armed certification card

Aside from that, there are physical requirements, such as stamina and the ability to climb stairs, kneel, and crawl. You must have a clean criminal record and pass a background check. To carry a firearm, you must also have a valid state license and permit and keep up to date on protective device and weapon standards. Prior experience in law enforcement, the military, or security is advantageous.

The capacity to operate under pressure, attention to detail, and a willingness to work a flexible schedule are other crucial abilities.

What Certifications Do You Need To Become An Armed Security Guard?

For armed security officers, most states have licensing and certification requirements. One of these could be a certificate of completion from a security training course that has been accredited. You might also need to fulfill the prerequisites established by your state for a firearm license. Moreover, you would need additional training to gain the knowledge necessary for the job, such as when and how to use your weapons.

What Advantages Come With Working As An Armed Security Guard?

After all of this, you might be thinking, “what is in it for me” well, now that’s exactly what we’ll cover. Following are some advantages you will get when you become an American security guard.

1.    Flexibility In Scheduling

Numerous security guard occupations allow for working numerous shifts, on weekends, and part-time. You may be able to find jobs in this way that fit your ambitions and current way of life. Your ability to adjust your schedule can aid in maintaining a positive work-life balance.

2.    Career Diversity

Numerous job options are available for those interested in working as security guards. This may also include roles in indoor and outdoor settings, such as amusement parks and workplaces.

3.    Chance To Help Others

This career allows you to serve others by providing community protection and security because you can prevent unfortunate events and deter unlawful activities, making people feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. Having a security guard on-site can also boost consumer or employee satisfaction.

4.    Possibilities For Training

Many companies provide training to entry-level employees. This is useful if candidates have previous work experience or are new to the workforce.

5.    Personal Accountability Has Improved

Guards frequently acquire a sense of personal responsibility and integrity. They maintain accountability and aid supervisors in identifying any security trends or hazards. Many firms now require guards to complete daily shift records. In addition, guards typically respond to inquiries regarding security-related occurrences. They may also provide reports to help law enforcement officials comprehend a situation better. They also act as a bridge between a business or community and law enforcement officials.

6.    Useful Expertise

You can learn beneficial skills from working as a security guard that you can utilize in various careers.

Additionally, if you choose to pursue a profession outside of security, this can aid you in differentiating your skills.

How Much Do Armed Security Guards Make?

No matter how strong our morality is, one main reason we all work is to earn money. Why else would we struggle so much? Although having a sense of purpose is a good thing knowing how much you can make will also help.

Every organization and agency will pay you according to their policies. We cannot give you an exact amount, but we can make an estimate. The Highest pay for an American security guard is $22.64 per hour. Whereas the lowest pay they get is $11.83 per hour. This is not an exact amount but a general estimate. The better option would be to visit different agencies' pages and check what packages they offer.

How Can Armed Security Guards Earn More Money?

There are several ways to increase your compensation as an American security guard

1.    Change Of Employer:

Consider making a career shift to a new employer willing to pay more for your skills.

2.    Level of Education:

Earning further degrees may allow this role to earn more money and qualify for promotions.

3.    Managing Experience:

If you are an American security guard who supervises less experienced Armed Security Guards, this experience can boost your chances of earning more.


Becoming an American security guard may seem easy, but it is not. Like every other job, this job, too, comes with all the hardships. However, no matter what hardship it brings, you must keep your mind clear on whether you can bear it or not. This article listed everything you would need to know about an armed security guard before joining them. Moreover, we have also discussed some things surrounding it that will better help you make your decision.